Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Shrine thingy is just creepy."

In an attempt to connect with some Bon Jovi fans who may be visiting The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, I joined the online Bon Jovi community Dry County and posted some information about the shrine HERE .

More than one Bon Jovi fan referred to the shrine as "creepy" and one even suggested that the shrine should be kept indoors for my own private use.   Others were afraid to visit this blog because they thought the shrine was creepy.  The members who actually did visit this blog did report back that the shrine did not seem creepy, and a few people liked it.

Shrines should be in house.

"Shrine thingy is just creepy."

The once again reminds me that even if Bon Jovi is not connected to New Orleans Jazz and Heritage, I suspect I'd have a hard time finding anyone living in New Orleans who honestly thought the "shrine thingy is just creepy" or refused to click on this website. So

This also relates to my ideas about inside and outside, North and South, and the way those of us who live in New Orleans sit on our stoops, pray and dance in the streets, and leave offerings at the grave of a voodoo queen. So sorry, Becky of Mississippi, but I think you'll be hard pressed to find a New Orleanian who thinks this "shrine thingy is just creepy."

And to quote Bon Jovi,  "You make me feel at home some how, right, now/That's why I, love this town!"

"I Love This Town" is the 12th song on Bon Jovi's album Lost Highway  released on June 8, 2007 and on the Island / Mercury record label.

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  1. Becky from Mississippi: You're creepy. You're creepy because you're boring, and because you use the word "thingy." And I bet your grammar sucks.