Saturday, April 30, 2011

Frenchmen Street

My friend at Maison called me to tell me Jon Bon Jovi was here, but I missed him, and I can't find him. The people at the door of DBA won't tell me if he is in there and I can't pay the cover. I also can't afford to not be at the shrine preparing Mac and Cheese for him. So now I am on Frenchmen Street in tears because I am so tired and hungry that when my stomach growls I think it's my BlackBerry vibrating. But it is not. I ordered BJ Sandwich for luck and then I am going home. Never should have left the shrine. See also: I'll sleep when I'm Dead.

I did see Michael Patrick Welch who gave Jon Bon Jovi a copy of his book and shook his hand.

So I don't know if the shrine will be ready in the morning. All I have to do is make Mac and Cheese, but I am not sure how I will do it unless I prep it tonight. Mardi Gras Indians are here.

So I cried and now I am too embarrassed to even meet Jon Bon Jovi. I didn't know what I'd say if I did meet him anyway. I guess I thought he would want to meet me. Maybe see the guestbook?
Hoping it will never end,

- Sacred Shrine

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