Saturday, April 2, 2011

Acura Stage April 30 Bon Jovi Jazz Fest 2011 published The Cubes, charts that show the schedule and stages for different performers,  and Bon Jovi will take the Acura Stage on April 30.

Keith Spera,  of The Times-Picayune commented on the schedule in his article New Orleans Jazz Fest 30-day countdown contained a surprise or two.

The cubes clearly show us that Bon Jovi is performing after Irma Thomas on the Acura Stage.

Spera explains: 

This year's Bon Jovi sacrificial lamb is...Irma Thomas. In 2009, Dr. John preceded Jon Bon Jovi et al. on the Acura Stage. Some boorish fans of the latter booed the good Doctor. Here's hoping the crowd treats Thomas with more respect.

I understand Spera's criticism of Bon Jovi's "Twist and Shout" finale during his 2009 performance (although why Spera hoped specifically to hear "Runaway" over other songs is less clear), and I could not agree more that unless Jon Bon Jovi is coming to see my shrine, Bon Jovi should not end a performance early, as Spera describes:

At two hours and 10 minutes, Bon Jovi's allotted set time is the longest of the entire festival. Will Jon, Richie Sambora and the rest tap into their inner jam band and create something fresh and engaging, or simply rattle off the hits and leave early, as in 2009?

What I do not understand is why Spera referred to Irma Thomas as Bon Jovi's sacrificial lamb in this article.  My understanding of "sacrificial lamb" is that it's a term which metaphorically refers to a person (in this case) who is sacrificed for the common good.   

If that is the case, then it seems that some person or organization other than a member of Bon Jovi would have to identify Thomas as Bon Jovi's sacrificial lamb. Spera's description above almost implies that Bon Jovi and Bon Jovi's "boorish" fans are at fault.

Above all else, Spera disrespects Thomas, who is not a disposable sacrificial lamb. 

Spera, can you explain this analogy? 

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