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How To Build A Shrine To A Celebrity

Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi Guestbook

Dear Readers,

The addition of the Richie Sambora Bye-Altar   to the International Sacred Special Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi prompted some research of shrines, so for the first time, I consulted the world wide web to make sure my shrine terminology was as comprehensive as is required. 

Here are a few shrine-related terms defined.

Shrine (from The Free Dictionary):

1.  A place of religious devotion or commemoration, such as: a place where devotion is paid to a deity or deities, the tomb of a saint or other venerated person, a location where an important event in the life of a holy person is thought to have occurred.
      2.  A container or receptacle for sacred relics; a reliquary.

      3.  A site hallowed by association with a revered person or object or with an important eventIndependence Hall, shrine of American liberty (See also: April 30, 2011 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival).

        1 b.  a niche or other setting for a statue, picture, or other object arousing or designed to arouse devotion
        1 c. a small area or structure arranged for private devotion 

        4 b.  a place or structure esteemed for its importance or centrality as in history or the arts

        Grotto (from Wikipedia): 

        1. Any type of natural or artificial cave that is associated with modern, historic or prehistoric use by humans. The I.S.S.S. of JBJ does not have a grotto (yet).

        Reliquary (from Your Dictionary DOT COM): 
        1. A case or other container in which relics are kept and displayed for veneration.


        Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi Reliquary


        Veneration (from The Free Dictionary):
        1. a feeling or expression of awe or reverence

        Note: Veneration is often shown outwardly by respectfully bowing or making the sign of the cross before a saint's icon, relics, or statue. These items may also be kissed.

        This guest dropped to his knees upon first seeing the shrine.

        Items the were kissed at the Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi

        Bye-altar (from Wikipedia):

        1.  A side-altar that is subordinate to the central or high altar in a church. 

        Richie Sambora Bye-Altar

        For the first time, I read an article "How to Build a Shrine to Your Favourite Celebrity" and agree with the list of "Things You'll Need."  Currently, I have about 50% of the required "things."

           * The Internet - Yes
           * Spare time - No
           * Determination - Yes
           * Money - No

        I am not sure if the Internet is necessary to build a shrine to a celebrity, and I am not sure if I would have spare time if I were not so invested in this shrine. I am confident about the determination factor.  The money required is tricky because even if one had so many items related to a celebrity that he or she did not need to make any purchases, outdoor shrines require a lot of crazy glue, tape, and waterproofing substances. 

        The article included the following "Warnings"

           * Don't tell too many people about this, or they might think you are obsessive.
           * Don't try and act like them.
           * Don't forget to put some jewelery or clothes similar to what they've once worn. It will really finish it off.

        The writers suggest that a shrine builder "Try to put the shrine in somewhere dark and not frequented, like a catacombs or cellar. The hallway of your front door is not suitable."

        Apparently, they have not seen this shrine. However, some Bon Jovi fans who post in the forums on the Bon Jovi Fan Website Dry County have suggested that the shrine should be kept indoors for my own private use, and others were afraid to visit this blog because they thought the "shrine thingy is just creepy."

        If anyone has any suggestions about how I can get on top of my roof to advertise the shrine (I think it will be highly visible from The Grandstand, and I saw some Glow In The Dark paint at Home Depot), please email me directly at 

        New Orleans Fairgrounds

        My mother, who is from New Jersey, sent me some text messages today with photographs included. She did not include any actual written message, but it seems like she may have taken these photographs herself, which implies that she has acquired some Jon Bon Jovi memorabilia and may send it to me in the mail.  This would be wonderful, as these images are obviously in good condition.

        Jon Bon Jovi
        Bon Jovi
        Thank you for visiting the blog of the Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi.

        Very Truly Yours,

        Tara Jill

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        1. Hi! I found your site via Google while researching something. I was wondering if you ever did any research into the legality of this and how a celebrity shrine factors into USC 117's intellectual properties laws. I, myself am thinking of starting a shrine to Topanga from Boy Meets World (played by the loverly Danielle Fishel) but do not want to be sued by her, ABC or the production company responsible for the show. BUT I'm hard-pressed to find any answers. Any advice would be extremely appreciated.