Monday, April 25, 2011

Help Tara Jill and Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi Get on Television

An Open Letter to The World at Large

Dear Friends and Family and New Orleans Contacts,

I apologize for sending a mass email, and I promise not to bombard you with more of these (I bcc-ed, so you shouldn't see all the other email addresses here).

As you may know, I have been hard at work on my shrine devoted to Jon Bon Jovi, and he is performing at The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival on Saturday, April 30. The entrance to this festival is very close to my home, and the shrine is on and in front of my porch. If you do not know about this, I will be happy to explain, and there is a YouTube video that explains the evolution of what I consider an art installation. I have attached photographs.

As much as I hope that Jon Bon Jovi will visit the shrine this year (he did not in 2009), I am aware that he is a private man who is a bit shy about shrines. I do think it is reasonable to request that Bon Jovi perform the song "Queen of New Orleans" on the Acura Stage at Jazz Fest. I am also hoping that many people will visit this shrine.

I have been using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, and stapling fliers all over town in an attempt to notify people about this shrine.

Now that Easter weekend is over, and New Orleans is ready for Jazz Fest, I am hoping to grab the attention of the local, national, and international media.

If you know anyone who is:

  1. a Bon Jovi Fan
  2. coming to Jazz Fest
  3. willing to do anything for me
  4. in need of websites to visit or something to do
  5. a member of the media who will cover/write-up/attend this shrine
please send forward this email and the "press release" I wrote (below).

I have included all relevant information about the Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi (with links to shrine website, Facebook page, YouTube channel) below.

I know that receiving mass emails and forwarding emails is annoying, so I sincerely appreciate any help you are willing to give me, even if you only tell one person.

I will owe you one (and if I already owe you one, I will owe you 3).


Tara Jill Ciccarone

Important Shrine Information: (feel free to copy and distribute as much as possible).

The Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora Bye-Shrine are located at 2943 Maurepas Street, New Orleans, LA 70119 near the entrance to the Fairgrounds and Jazz Fest.
Tara Jill established The  International Special Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi on April 25, 2009 and added The Richie Sambora Bye-Shrine on April 5, 2011.  Tara Jill is a writer, artist, and educator who has lived in New Orleans since 1999.

The shrine is on and in front of her porch and can be viewed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Special activities for Jazz Fest 2011 include:

April 29, April 30, May 1, May 7 : Jon Bon Jovi Tribute Contest 1 pm - 9 pm. Can you emulate Jon Bon Jovi by looking like him and singing like him? Visit the Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi at 2943 Maurepas Street and make sure Tara Jill records your performance.  With your permission, video will be uploaded to YouTube.  Winners will be announced May 8. 1st Prize - personal Sacred Shrine miniature cigar box altar with handmade shrine memorabilia and DVD of winning videos - 2nd Prize - DVD of winning videos and Sacred Shrine lighter and candle. 3rd Prize - DVD of winning videos and Sacred Shrine lighter.
Contestants need not be present to win.

Tara Jill and The Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi need help getting Jon Bon Jovi's attention this year so he will visit the shrine and/or perform "Queen of New Orleans" at the festival.

How You Can Help:
•Follow @JBJShrine and @BonJovi on Twitter and Retweet videos of Tara Jill at Shrine!
•"Like" the Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi NOLA Facebook page and use it to keep informed!
•Tell all your friends about the shrine and visit the shrine during 2011 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival!

Help Tara Jill be on television!

To learn more about the shrine watch "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi" on SacredShrineNOLA's YouTube Channel:

New information about the shrine is available on the Sacred Shrine Blog at

Facebook users, now you can visit the Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi NOLA Facebook page at

Follow @JBJShrine on Twitter for frequent updates.
Tara Jill will be respond to all shrine inquiries at or 504-344-1124.

From a sacred part of town,
Tara Jill Ciccarone

  "Ooh, ooh, (shalala) dancing in the streets of New Orleans!"

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