Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tomorrow! Second Line in Support of Live Music Venues, Buskers, DJs, Artists, Musicians - April 25 6pm

Hi there, everyone!

I don't know if you've heard about the awesome Second Line planned for tomorrow, so here are the details.  I BCC'ed ya'll and if I emailed you from one of my other emails already, I apologize.

 Protest/ Second Line to defend the rights of musicians, buskers, artists, DJs, and owners of live music venues in New Orleans.

This Second Line has a permit and is going to send a strong message to the city of New Orleans that We The People will not tolerate the city's crackdown on musicians, artists, buskers, and live music venues.

Come on out for a Protest in the form of a Second Line on Thursday, April 25 at 6pm.

Bring musicians, instruments, costumes, your friends, your lovers, your family your guests, or just bring yourself.

This celebration of New Orleans culture will send an excellent message to the City of New Orleans.

See the Facebook event or press release below for details.

The route has been posted for the Second Line, and there is a permit for some of it (I am not sure about the details of the permit). St Roch Tavern will be open again, so that is a great place to stop.

VERY IMPORTANT! from Alexander Fleming Let's try to get this thing going at 6 or 6:30! Well...try! And very Important is the moment of silence for MiMi's.( Yes like a funeral procession! ) So when we get to Mardi Gras Zone, take off the hats, put down the instruments! If any one would like to drop off wreaths, flowers and cards of support for MiMi's on their door step please do. But we gotta be QUIET! They are in enough hoopla already! Don't add to it! Please! Be respectful! This is a peaceful march! We start up the part again when MiMi's is out of sight! Like a true NOLA jazz funeral! Please share and put out the word! If you arrive late and we are marching, please come and catch up! We want to see everyone there! Let's show the city we are not noise, we are the economy! We are the culture! We are what makes this city great! AND NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE OUR MUSIC AWAY !

I really hope to see you there! Details below!


Calling all DJs, street musicians, live musicians, music venues, and NOLA citizens who love live music! ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Second Line in Support of Stopping the Crackdown on Music Venues and Musicians!

Show support for keeping The Music at local music venues and allowing street musicians to perform in public spaces! Show support for street musicians, DJs, buskers, artists, and bands!

At 6:00pm Thursday, April 25th there will be a Protest/ Second Line in the streets in support of New Orleans music and culture. Meet near Mickey Markey Park on the corner of Royal and Piety for a Second Line! 700 Piety

We'll parade down Royal, pass Mimi's, head over to St Roch Tavern (end of route TBD).

Let's join together - musicians and community members - and celebrate NOLA's vibrant music scene.


  • Because New Orleans citizens will not stand by and watch attempts to quiet New Orleans' vibrant music scene.
  • Because we're tired of business closures and harassment from city government.
  • Because we're tired of public space being taken from the people who use it most.
  • Because we stand with artists, musicians, buskers who are being forced off the street and into starvation.
  • Because the Je ne sais quoi of New Orleans will be packaged and incorporated if we don't!

We've seen the Landrieu administration's crack down on venues featuring live music and DJs. We've seen the absurd verdict handed down to St Roch Tavern by the Alcohol Beverage Control Board. We've seen permit-holding artists threatened to choose between arrest or their livelihood. 

Now a group "HEAR THE MUSIC STOP THE NOISE" has targeted Mimi's!

Let's Second Line!

Wear costumes, bring an instrument, bring your band, bring your props, banners, flags, noise makers;  bring your friends and lovers and kids,  and dance in the streets for the love of NOLA culture. 

Please share this far and wide!

RSVP on Facebook if you'd like.

Hope to see you there!

Please forward this!

~ Tara Jill